Thursday, 22 August 2013

A true heroine of a mother and wife

Helen Newlove's story has even more resonance now I have a husband and children.

Helen's husband Gary was beaten within an inch of his life right on his doorstep by a gang of youths back in 2007. The father-of-three died of his injuries a couple of days later.

The gang of youths were merely teenagers with some as young as 15-years-old. It is reported that the young lads sniggered in court when the details of the case were read out. Three of them are now serving life in prison for murder. (Should have thrown away the key).

Helen is now a campaigner against what has been dubbed 'Broken Britain' and even has a seat in the House of Lords. A true heroine of our time.

As a wife and a mother now, I can't even bear to think about going through what Helen has gone through. Her husband Gary was also a true hero but was in actual fact only doing what any decent man should do. Helen heard the youths outside their house kicking her car and asked her husband to go out and check what was going on, not only for the sake of her car but because their next door neighbour had a young baby and her husband was away so they wanted to make sure she was OK.

This alone shows what a decent couple they were because believe me there are plenty of people out there who have no thought for the fact there are people living nearby with a young child they are trying to get to sleep.

Gary went out to check what was going on and that is when he was set upon by the gang. His three daughters saw their father being beaten and gave him first aid as they waited for the ambulance to arrive.

So here we have a story of the most vile human beings imaginable juxtaposed against a decent normal family who showed heroic actions when it really came to it.

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