Friday, 20 September 2013

Controversial – but should we really praise the single mum?

I think we need to tread very carefully when it comes to upholding single mums as heroines.

Author J K Rowling has spoken out this week about her time as a single mum and how she was vilified by others, but now looks back on that period of her life with pride.

My main issue with commending such women too highly is that in doing so we are losing track of any kind of moral boundaries within society.

If we too consistently say there is nothing wrong with being a single parent, whether a mother or a father, then before we know it we will have completely lost sight of the family unit of mother, father and children.

It will be so acceptable to be a lone parent that absolutely no effort will be made to try and keep a full family in tact, and however much single parents and their supporters may talk about how they are fully capable of looking after their children on their own, and how their child gets so much love and protection and so on from just one parent, we all know deep down that a child needs a mother and father.

There is a reason why this family construct has developed within human society. Not only is it obviously biologically the way that children are made but the balance of a male and female input is tantamount to a fully rounded child.

Of course many mothers, or fathers, have no choice but to bring up their children on their own because their partner has left them or died, for example, and I certainly do not condone treating anyone badly because they have been left to bring up their children alone.

I just think we need to be careful about going too far in the opposite direction and lavishing praise on these people. They may well be doing a very noble job but there was once a time when people would be shunned in the street for having a child out of wedlock. That has now gone. Now it seems being a parent on your own is set to become fully acceptable, if not commendable.

If we are not careful we could end up going down a very degenerative road in society where family units get so broken down that a child having two parents at home will only be something they read about in history books at school.

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  1. No one in this world wants to become a single mom or dad intentionally. It is true that a child can get a better care and nourishment only with his/her mom & dad or we can say that in a joint family. But if any single mom or dad will get success in making their child a good & successful person, then surely that single mom will be a heroin and dad a hero. But, the chance of this is very minimal.