Monday, 2 September 2013

“Sit up and take notice mummy, I'm sitting up”

I should probably mention, the little man sat up for the first time last week.

I am normally very conscientious when it comes to reporting his 'firsts' on this blog as it is as good a place as any to note these major developments. Yet there is something a little surreal and dreamlike about the fact my baby boy can now sit up on his own. He was just on the cusp of five and six months when he sat up for the first time, which is months ahead of my daughter and that is why its a little hard to take in.

My daughter found it quite a task to sit up. She was a good seven months when she first managed it without any help. Even then it was touch and go. I'd sit her up and tiptoe away across the room for fear even the tremor of my footsteps would unbalance her, and sure enough, after a few moments, down she would go. I had to surround her with cushions in the end to stop her hurting herself.

But as with all developments, once she had really got to grips with it, there was no stopping her and you wouldn't have known when she had first mastered sitting up by the time she reached eight months. She was completely on a par with other babies her age.

The good thing is with all these physical develop milestones, they all get it eventually and later down the line it is completely irrelevant when they mastered it. It could have been at two months or at ten months. There is no point in life when you have to reveal this. At a job interview they don't ask when you were first able to sit up as a baby. They don't say, 'seven months, well in that case you haven't got the job'.

And as for all that ridiculous competition parents have with each other – I'm not even going to get involved with that. Leave them to their own insecurities I say.

But having said that, the little man is doing very well with the physical side of things. He's rolling like no tomorrow, he can lift his head up high as high when he's on his front and he has even flirted with lifting his tummy off the ground as well. He moves across the carpet on his back and somehow, with various bits of twisting and turning, makes some progress around the floor on his front. And now he can sit up. Only for a short time at the moment, but he really gets the concept. If he feels himself sinking down too far, he'll push himself back up with his chubby arms which is really rather clever.

He is such a strong baby. Well done little man.

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